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Dentistry in the United States

To work as a dentist in the US you will need:
1- A work visa (Immigrant or, Non-immigrant) depending on your long-term intentions in the US. (Check the US embassy in your country or, the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC)
2- A TOEFL (an English language test for graduates of non-English speaking countries)
3- An ADA (American Dental Association)-accredited dental degree + NDB (National Dental Board) Exam Part1+2 and the State Licensure Exam.
To obtain a state "Licensure" you need to satisfy all the three main requirements:
1)-Educational Requirements: ADA-accredited degrees will enable you to register for any state "licensure" exam of your choice, all American and Canadian graduates with a DDS/DMD degrees can qualify for the state licensure exam (through their accredited qualifications, providing they have passed the NDB-2. Canadians however, still have to satisfy the work visa requirements.
2)-Written Examination Requirement: Usually met by the NDB Exam Part-1+2 (administered twice a year in June & December) you can contact the "American Student Dental Association" to get more info and to purchase the past questions, registration however, is with the "Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations". You can also prepare for the NDB in the US & Canada by registering with the "Stanley H.Kaplan" Institute; it has locations in all the US states,4 in Canada, one in Seoul, Korea and, one in Panama city, Panama.Candidates must have their official dental Script verified by the "ECE-Educational Evaluators, Inc" for the purpose of NDB Registration (PS, you can start your process from here, then your NDB and finally the dental School)
3)-Clinical Examination Requirements: Usually met by the State Licensure Exam. (Check the ADA for the List of Jurisdictions),as every state has its own regulations/requirements.

If you have any qualifications other than the above, you have to consider one of the following options, providing ;You are in the US and have the right type of visa
A-Start the dental school again, you need the DAT (Dental Admission Test) for that, Check the "Department of Testing services".
B-Get on an "advanced standing program"; where you will be admitted to the 2nd or the 3rd year of the dental school and graduate with the others (You need NDB Exam part-1 or part-1+2 depending on the school, and your final cost could range from (,000 to .000) depending on the school.
C-Consider some of the NEW residency programs where you will be sponsored to sit the state licensure exam after you finish your certificate of training and the NDBs (a new scheme which will be introduced in the year 2000).

Postgraduate Education & Training

- Hospital-based:
you will need to go through the "Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program" a year before your proposed start, results normally arrive in January/February of the same year, hospital based training called a "Residency Program" with an exit certificate degree, you will need the NDB and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) some times and an accredited DDS most of the times), there are nine specialties to choose from (including General Dental Practice) and, they last for 2-3 years period depending on the branch, You might be able to continue to a master degree by preparing an approved thesis.
2-Fellowships; usually last for one-year they can be in; Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Implants, TMJ, and Orofacial pain.

-University-based:The university based clinical training usually for foreign graduates (a year fee starts from 000), no Exams required other than the English Test (TOEFL).

-Non-Clinical Lab-based:You can apply to a research based degree (Master of/Doctorate of Science in Dentistry) if you are interested in the teaching or research of oral sciences, biology, and dental biomaterials (You don't need any exams and the application deadlines are flexible (the application packageis not a simple one!), your experience in the field will be your asset, providing of course, you can convince the Program Director of your research project).

Finally, If you can work in the US but still in the process of obtaining your licensure there are several options you can take:
1)-University Teaching & Research: you don't need the NDBs or the state licensure exam to work in the university (no time limit either).
2)-As a dental Hygienist: under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.
3)-As a dental Assistant: providing you have a good command of English and you can get accepted.
4)-As a laboratory technician: if you can prove an experience in the construction of dentures, fixed bridges.
5)-Dental office management clerk: you will need to have a general good experience in Office management, American healthcare system and the Insurance companies.
Generally speaking and, with regard to teaching/research; the American attitude towards foreign qualified & experienced dentists is a respecting & dignifying one, which is one of the reasons for having a lot of research coming out of their universities other than the availability of financial funding, of course.


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Useful Contacts

* Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations *American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60611 USA
Phone: (312) 440-2500
Fax: (312) 440-2707

*American Student Dental Association
Suite 1160211
East Chicago Ave.Chicago
Illinois 60611
Phone: (312) 440-2795

*Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O.Box 514070
Milwaukee WI 53203-3470 USA
Phone: (414) 289-3400
Fax: (414) 289-3411

*Dental Admission Testing ProgramDepartment of testing services
American Dental Association
Suite 1846211
East Chicago Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60611-2678 USA
Phone: (312) 440-2679

*Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center LTD.
3384 Peachtree Rd.
N.E Suite400
Atlanta, GA 30326-1106
Phone: (404) 365-9004

*US Department of JusticeImmigration And Naturalization Service
25 E Street, NWWashington, DC 20538
Phone: (202) 663-1225

*British Embassy in Washington
3100 Massachusetts Avenue,Washington DC, 20008 USA
-Consulates General in:Dallas, Denver, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and, San Francisco and a Vice-Consulate in Orlando.
-British Consulate-General, Atlanta,
GeorgiaSuite 270027th Floor
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Phone: (404) 524 -5856
Fax: (404) 524 - 3153

*Syrian Embassy in Washington
2215 Wyoming Avenue
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Phone : (202) 232-6313
-No consulates outside Washington.